Welcome to Antique Piedmont the home of quality Piedmont antiques and antique restoration.

……..our collection is a brief journey through the most charming popular Piedmont customs moments, that we are trying to return to life in the homes of whom (like me) takes  pleasure in living surrounded with out of the order, exclusive pieces of furniture that offer a strong visual impact and a solid, austere elegance.

These piece of  furniture, old tools and things that were usual in the past, but full of mystery today and, therefore, fascinating and that can still show us the industrious talent of the craftsman who created and used them for all his life.

The rolling by the time, the hand-tools working has engraved the nice wild walnut, chestnut or red cherry wood with typical marks that we take care of  keeping intact, even though giving back to the old wood essences their natural, vital strength and shininess. So, also the humble carpenter‘s worktable, takes dignity and rustic elegance.

… and it is with all the excitement of the man who has been so lucky to be able to transform the passion for this heritage of old customs in his daily work, that I suggest you these original and unique pieces of furniture to enrich your home with their genuine and vigorous refinement.

Following last fashion, I also propose you some pieces of old furniture Patinés with the soft water-colours nuances styled “Provence” or “Country-chic” or “Shabby-chic” or “Decapé” to obtain a warm brightness and polychromatic refined style.

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Cassettiera a cubo in castagno - Cassettiera da centro a doppio lato

Commissions undertaken, we find and restore all type of antiques.

Loft di Mariangela - Krista and Sam house - Postazione PC Loft Rosella

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Soggiorno estivo Serenella e Gilberto - Cucina Serena e Ivano - Banco piombatore da restaurare

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A warm welcome to Antique Piedmont the home of quality Piedmont antiques and antique restoration.


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